Sensational Smesh @ Sneak Peek & Mr. X

Refreshing.  Sophisticated. Mr. X asked me what I meant… Well, Mr. X there is something about soft fabric skimming the chest and hip.  Like this new exclusive outfit at Sneak Peek by Smesh called Awesome & Daisey Outfit. This hip silk bustier is sleek and sexy… with a zipper up the front and a perfect collar…and, no, not that kind of collar!!  It all adds up to a recipe for style… Mr. X will like this line. Another version of this look by Smesh is called Lemon and Blue.  Both outfits come with matching shoes and bracelets, rings and even a purse… to hold all your goodies! Wearing:
Smesh – Exclusive at Sneak Peek
Awesome & Daisey and Blue and Lemon
LM for Sneak Peek

Flickr Pool :

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